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"It is my ongoing commitment to create a caring and supportive environment for everyone."

Peter Oyler, Owner

The team at mindset CYCLING prides itself on the basis that anyone who comes through our door will have a positive experience cycling indoors at our facility. Whether your goal is to get fit or have a great race, mindset CYCLING will guarantee that! Everyone, regardless of cycling ability is welcome. Our riders improve and have a great time doing so!

Starting with a positive "mindset" we help produce great results with our structured year-round approach. Our goal is to build a great cycling community whose members help support one another while seeing their individual results improve.

We Feature

  • Virtual training. We now offer our regular program in a virtual format! The same high energy program available from your home. This provides all the benefits of the studio without the travel time.
  • Instructor–led classes, led by instructors who care about your performance and who are competitive athletes themselves
  • Time efficient. An 80 minute class at mindset CYCLING is equivalent to 2 hours or more of on-the-road focused riding.
  • A variety of class times throughout the week and weekends to suit your busy schedule

The Benefits

  • Train Smarter. You'll develop an awareness of effort/intensities/zones which can be translated to on-the-road riding.
  • Increased motivation as a result of the group environment. It's a rare individual who trains as hard on their own as they do in a group. We train hard (and smart!) at mindset CYCLING.
  • Improve your ability to push more watts at the same or lower heart rates
  • For the multisport athlete, improvements in bike fitness lead to improved run splits in your triathlons and duathlons.

mindset Kits Clear-out

mindset CYCLING still has kits available in limited sizes in both the black and white version. Please contact Peter for pricing on all items and to order yours.

SLEEVELESS (women's only)


Contact us to place your order today.


2019 kits



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Programs & Services

mindset CYCLING offers various unique programs & services in our 3000 sq. foot studio. Over the past 9 years, we've trained riders on many levels including: cyclists, triathletes, recreational riders, and fitness enthusiasts. Anyone who owns a bike and wants to get stronger on that bike is welcome to ride at mindset CYCLING.



The mindset CYCLING core program is a class of 75 minutes twice-weekly, led by an experienced coach/athlete. The classes are devised based on an annual periodized cycling program aimed to produce peak performance during summer months.

Contact us for more details today.
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Being strong on our bike is what everyone wants to ultimately be! In order to achieve your best results on the bike, it is critical to work on both functional strength and bike–specific strength off the bike. Our one–on–one training sessions have proven to be great additions for those wanting better results. Please speak with Peter for more information on how to start. $100 / hr + HST.


Bike Bags are now available for rent. This is an ideal solution for people who have limited space in their home or for people who only use these bulky travel accessories occasionally. $80 / week + HST. Packing / unpacking is $60 + HST.


Lactate testing helps you keep track of your progress. Available by appointment. $185 / lactate test + HST.

Contact us to make an appointment.


Each year we see lots of bikes that have been well used during the summer months when people start to ride again during the fall / winter season indoors. Before those months start, it is a great idea to have us service your bike. Tune–ups and complete rebuilds of your bike are available based on needs. We can replace parts such as chains, cassettes, brake pads and handlebar tape.


In-class overview & pricing

A great start

$135. monthly
*Plus HST
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Becoming stronger

$225. monthly
*Plus HST
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Full commitment

$300. Monthly
*Plus HST
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Weekend and virtual overview and pricing

Weekend reserved space

$140. monthly
*Plus HST
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Shop + virtual

$175. monthly
*Plus HST
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$130. monthly
*Plus HST
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Class Schedule

Day Cycling Classes Other
Monday No classes

Strength & Conditioning
(by appt.)

Bike Maintenance
(by appt.)
6:30am | 10:00am | 6:00pm

Virtual Cycling Classes
6:30am | 6:00pm
Wednesday No classes Strength & Conditioning
(by appt.)

Bike Maintenance
(by appt.)
6:30am | 10:00am | 6:00pm

Virtual Cycling Classes
6:30am | 6:00pm
Friday No classes Strength & Conditioning
(by appt.)

Bike Maintenance
(by appt.)
7:30am | 9:45am
Strength & Conditioning
(by appt.)

Bike Maintenance
(by appt.)
Sunday No classes Outdoor group rides
Returning spring 2024

More class times and private classes may be accommodated based on demand.


Helping you excel on your bike

Peter Oyler

Peter Oyler

mindset CYCLING's owner, coach and mechanic, Peter is dedicated to helping anyone get better on a bike! With 25+ years of experience as an athlete/coach/mechanic, Peter’s goal is to help people achieve their goals. Peter is dedicated to you, if you are dedicated to yourself. As mindset CYCLING's founder, Peter has prepared athletes for charity cycling events, triathlons and ultra cycling races [...]


Janet Wilson

Janet is a mindset CYCLING studio instructor, outdoor group ride leader, organizer and a group leader of mindset CYCLING's California Climbing Camp. Always searching for a new road to ride, Janet has been passionate about everything cycling since 2009 – especially ultra racing (RAW '11/12, 508 '14, HOODOO '16), cyclocross (P2A, DirtyKanza, EagerBeaver), multiple Gran Fondos, charity events, and race crew (RAAM, RAW, 508, Tortour).

featured project

Richard Pickering

As part of the mindset CYCLING team, Richard has witnessed our athletes improve year over year. Richard doesn't have a favourite bike or discipline. He lives by N+1.

His most famous quote of many is, "Don't use your brakes... trust me!"


Greg Gannon

As a PhD and a Sports Performance and Human Sciences Specialist, Greg is driven by the pursuit of helping others achieve their athletic & personal best.

Some of Greg's achievements include: Lead Sport Scientist – 2008 Beijing Olympic Campaign (triathlon & womens rowing) and the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Campaign (figure skating). Associate professor at the University of Toronto and University of Manitoba. Greg is also the President and founder of S2 Training Systems.



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